For Those Who Want a Sensible, Quality Alternative to a Mined Diamond, we bring you the DIAMELIA® Gem.

~Thanks to advanced technologies, you no longer need a mined diamond to celebrate your love~

Man made diamonds and diamond alternatives are here to stay. is your “one-stop shop” for the finest non-mined diamond option and specialty engagement rings.

The environmental and human impact caused by traditional diamond mining is undeniably atrocious and well documented throughout history. Most customers care where their diamonds & gems come from and how they were obtained. We certainly care, as well. We provide an affordable and Earth-friendly alternative to a mined diamond; Outstanding premium Silicon Carbide gems that can be worn proudly & enjoyed for life.

Each Diamelia® is created without moving a single shovel of our precious Earth. They’re created in a clean and safe laboratory free of the conflict that is now synonymous with diamonds and diamond mining, then hand cut by some of the world's best diamond cutting artisans.

Trust meets Innovation & Technology: Owned & operated by the Hansen Family and their long time staff at Gold&Gems Fine Jewelry, our customers continually exclaim that you are in good hands! We work passionately to bring you only the finest in Diamond Alternatives as well as state of the art customized engagement rings, and jewelry. We offer exclusive brands & many popular diamond alternatives for you to choose from. We are here to help with your questions and needs. Creating your special ring… is our passion! We proudly employ top tier designers, goldsmiths, platinum smiths and diamond setters to create your special piece, just as you like it. Our private collections of proprietary designs are hand-made by Ron & our master jewelers, ensuring meticulous perfection for your finished piece. Guaranteed.

Diverse, Responsible & Eco-Friendly

Diversity and responsibility; The best of the best in Eco-Friendly man-made diamonds and diamond-like gems. We offer accessible and truthful service from our highly knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. At, we are committed to updating all new information, brands, new discoveries, educated opinions, reviews, and more so you can make the best decision for you. We live by a unique motto; Serve, not Sell. We work to make your dream ring, and affordably. Try us out today.

Introducing Diamelia™ Premium Moissanite - The World's Most Diamond-Like Gem

DIAMELIA Gem is currently the #1 most diamond-like, warrantied gem brand in the world. The DIAMELIA Gem (formerly known as DIAMONNA) has quickly become our leading, most popular diamond alternative.

DIAMELIA Gem has been called “the most diamond-like gem of all” by consumers whom have compared the leading options. Each aspect desired by consumer requests have been analyzed, addressed, produced and delivered.
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To own a DIAMELIA is to celebrate that your gem has gone through multiple levels of scrutiny and quality control. We reject an average of our 32% of finished gems. The rejected gems are very pretty, but they don’t adhere to our rigid, perfect standards of purity, color, symmetry, cutting angles and overall performance that we require for the DIAMELIA Gem.