Congratulations! You've found the world's finest diamond alternative SiC brand*; DIAMELIA™ Gem Premium Grade Moissanite. See for yourself why people are calling it "The World’s Most Diamond-Like Gem".

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TRUSTED BUSINESS:: Diamelia is a Gold&Gems Fine Jewelry product. Trusted USA Family Jewelers since 1982. Shop with confidence. The Hansen Crew are here for you!

*SiC or Silicon Carbide is also known as Moissanite, SiC is commonly made in a variance of 200+ various formulas of crystal type, clarity, color and cut parameters. DIAMELIA® produces the very highest color, clarity, 4 hexagonal crystalline type and truly stringent cutting expertise for angles, symmetry and polish. Unlike other Moissanite brands...Diamelia also Garrantees and Warrantees our gems so you can buy with true confidence! Developed by a trusted USA family for you and your family, forever.

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