Veteran jeweler / designer Ronald Hansen had a vision that sparked
the eventual creation of the luxury moissanite brand, DIAMELIA®

Our Story

Veteran jeweler / designer Ronald Hansen had a vision that sparked the eventual creation of the luxury brand, DIAMELIA™ .

Creating DIAMELIA® - the World's Most Diamond-Like Gem

DiamondAlternatives.com is a division of Gold And Gems Fine Jewelry, a USA, Hansen Family store. With the wake of quality non-mined diamond options, G& G has added many alternatives along side their natural diamonds. Featuring their premium silicon / carbon moissanite gem; Diamelia® . Here's Ron's development story:

For over 2 years I worked and I worked, I stumbled, I fell, I went back to drawing board… and to the lab. I am so blessed to have a great staff, wife and family to lift me when I hit any developmental walls. I am proud that I never quit, even in moments of apparent defeat. I eventually turned my vision into a tangible product; a perfectly cut, hard, crystalline combination of hardness and spectacular beauty. The DIAMELIA® GEM is a Premium grade colorless 4H Crystalline Polytype moissanite containing a high level of Carbon (Diamond) and even tests as a mined diamond with the thermal testing device. Extraordinary, master diamond cutters worked to develop extremely exacting angles and precise facet alignments that would make world renowned diamond cutter Leo Tolkowski proud. Yes, I have finally done it and the results have passed my ever critical standards!

So, at long last, I’ m beyond thrilled to announce that my dream has now become a reality. My tireless work is finally seen, purchased and worn by people worldwide. It is now my true honor to introduce the gem that will change the world’ s carbon footprint forever while bringing true joy to all brides and jewelry lovers… alas, DIAMELIA® is born!!!


"The World's Most Diamond-like Gem"

Ron’s Story

Throughout my diamond career I have always known there would eventually be legitimate alternatives to mined diamonds. The high prices coupled with the impact on human life and the environment begged for a better solution. For many years there have been companies growing diamonds in laboratories. Although beautiful and eco-friendly, the stones they were producing lacked the price point I wanted to offer my customers. Then, on the other hand, there was always the standard cubic zirconia that was inexpensive, but not durable and possessed fleeting beauty. Neither of these options were perfect for my customers. I recall saying to myself, “ How awesome would it be if I could produce a truly incredible gem for the millions of people that don't want, or maybe can't afford a mined diamond? I’ m going to use my life’ s work in the fine diamond business, combined with my trained critical eye to find the best possible option for my customers. I’ ll employ brilliant science minds to help create my dream… I know I can create a luxury gem brand that virtually anyone can afford and I’ ll be able to bring world class, amazing diamond jewelry to the whole world.

I knew the road ahead would be quite expensive and at times an uphill battle; it was, but also exciting and even the smallest victories kept my vision and hope alive.

In the beginning of 2012 I decided to test out any diamond alternatives in the market. I bought every diamond alternative I could find and I analyzed them for all parallel diamond-like performance aspects, including dispersion (fire), beauty and durability. Yes, I ordered and reviewed them all. My experienced, critical eye rejected nearly every one of these diamond alternatives except for a handful of top options; At that time, this included ASHA, followed by the Amora Gem, and eventually the Forever One, by Charles and Colvard. These are all well made, clean, colorless, legitimate diamond alternatives. I listed and started selling them. I was quickly informed by the owner of Amora (betterthandiamond.com) that my company, GoldAndGems.com “ became the highest selling Amora Gem retailer in the US” by only May of the first year! Flattering, yes, but more importantly it told me that people were yearning for a legitimate, cost effective alternative to mined diamonds.

I knew that people deserve quality, diamond-like options and I would stop at nothing to provide it.

"I am so proud and excited to present to you the fruits of my labor. Enjoy your DIAMELIA®, The World’s Most Diamond-Like Gem" ~Ron