'Diamonna' becomes DIAMELIA™

Same Gem | New Name

After receiving aggressive legal threats by a competitor to cease the use of the name 'Diamonna', we decided to wave the white flag and avoid an ugly battle. They claimed that our name was too similar to theirs. We disagree, but we're choosing to avoid conflict. Instead we worked positively forward, changing our name so we can continue bring our amazing gems to our customers. We have chosen not to advertise our gem until this issue was resolved.

The birth of DIAMELIA™ (formerly Diamonna) by Ron Hansen, Owner/Designer/Creator:

So, how do you change a name that people love? It's not easy. After exhausting more than 700 names...it eventually hit me, squarely...right in the heart!

Thank you all for your patience. "At times in life we are tossed a lemon. It's up to us to blend it into sweet lemonade." ~Ron

Please enjoy this true story:

One of my beloved customers, Amelia in New Orleans, had me design the perfect ring for her. She and her husband wanted to upgrade her ring to celebrate their marriage and the fast approaching due date of their new baby.
Amelia & I worked back & forth for a long time on the design, center gem and overall look. Long story short, I made the ring and she loved it.

Some time passed and she contacted me. "Hi Ronny!" she said, "I think my stone is sitting up a little too high. I hate to do this, but I'd like to send it back so you can set the stone lower in just a simple, easy, plain ring".

I love Amelia and we really had established a nice friendship. I didn't hesitate to tell her to send it back and I will surprise her with an amazing solution.
I worked for many hours, rebuilt the top and lowered the gem while keeping the nest of diamonds under the gem.
I was so excited to share my work that I sent her a photo of the ring.
I didn't know that she and her husband were at the hospital.

Here are the unedited emails on that day:

Our Conversation:

  • ME: Check this out !! It's actually the same height as the Cartier ring :)
    And I spoiled you with killer split claw prongs :)
    It's stunning.
    Size 5.75.
    Made with love. ~ Ronnie

  • AMELIA: Crying cause it's soooo beautiful, I love it! I got bad news today but this lifts my spirit. I'm probably going to cry for awhile....Thank you my love you have done an amazing job for me and I will never forget it. don't worry about me the baby will be fine I promise.
    Much love.
  • ME: Now I am going to cry. Tell me you're going to be ok.
  • AMELIA: Yes I'm going to be okay, today was rough and I felt like nothing was going right but how could any woman not smile looking at a ring that beautiful and stunning! I never imagined that it would look that good honestly and I'm from New Orleans so most businesses here the people can be rude but you have made me feel so loved and because of it, I have a surprise for you too. "Tristan Hansen Clay" was born and given a name of a man that has showed me so much love. ...my husband liked Hansen over Ron..sorry! But now I could never forget you, tell everyone I said thank you and I am so grateful, I will be buying from you guys again. I will send you pictures of the baby
    We love you!
  • ME: You're pulling my leg!
    Tell me you're joking because I have chills from the top of my bald head to the ends of my bald toes!
  • AMELIA: Nope we decided on Hansen when I told my hubby how thoughtful you have been and he saw how you took the ring back to fix it with no complaints he said Hansen means he could grow up a honorable and kind man..We sign the paperwork on Monday for the birth certificate I'm going to mail you his pictures with his name so all your future customers can see how much you are loved! Surprise... My shipping address is the same as last time, my sister will be there to sign.
    Love you Ron!
  • ME: As you know, I'm rarely at a loss for words....I'll email you when I can properly express my gratitude.
    For now, I'll just say CONGRATULATIONS to your family...and thank you!
  • So...It felt naturally right to rename our beautiful gems after Amelia. I'm proud to announce the absolute perfect name for our new "baby" is DIAMELIA™- The World's Most Diamond-Like Gem™.

Our customers are the life-blood of our 4 generation family business and this story encapsulates the reasons for what we do.
I can speak for every person in our whole company as to say that we have been truly blessed to have been given quality minded shoppers to allow us to hand-produce impeccable, stunning, perfect forward thinking designs.

Our quest to truly exceed peoples' expectations: Our daily company goals, in case you didn't know, are simple, yet they hold a lot of weight:

"Today, tomorrow and every day forth we will listen to what our customers want, then deliver something better than imagined, We commit to work, cut, melt, laser, file, sand, polish, set gems, steam jewelry and deliver it all on time in the most luxurious, professional packaging around. We quality check & photograph the special pieces in every imaginable way and we will do this simply for the reasons these great people trusted us with their special project and their money.
EXCEED EXPECTATIONS and you will gain customers 10-fold.
We are also proud to be an accessible, straight-shooting, honest, delightful group of true professionals with 175 years of combined experience in the finest of fine jewelry and engagement ring. We're always glad to help and we are just an email or a call away from getting your dream project up and running.

Current photo of precious “Hanny”  #Love