Man made diamonds and diamond alternatives are here to stay.

DIAMELIA® features our Blazing Arrows™ Hearts and Arrows pattern, cut to mathematical perfection to maximize diamond-like performance of light return, sparkle and spectral dispersion.

Arrows should be known, not seen. The key to making a proper Hearts and Arrows diamond cut is that you should not see dramatic, dark arrows pattern through the top of the stone with the naked eye. This pattern should be present, but not seen.

These slender arrows (see pattern below) are only seen with a facet viewing scope and will ensure you have the most diamond-like performance in your special gem.

DIAMELIA® cutters have mastered the solution as our Blazing Arrows™ hearts and arrows cut does not show unsightly, dark arrows to the eye. Knowing your gem contains this advanced cutting standard is the key to making confident purchase.

Natural Mined Diamonds don't sparkle like colorful disco-balls, therefore your diamond alternative shouldn't either.

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This precision Arrows Pattern cutting is featured on the following DIAMELIA® shapes:

DIAMELIA® The World's Most Diamond-Like Gem