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I am beyond happy to provide a testimonial for these gorgeous works of art. The Diamelia gem looks absolutely stunning on my 3-Stone diamond-studded band. I have to say when I first heard about the diamond alternative I was very intrigued but slightly apprehensive about the look, clarity, and cut of the gem. Ron let me view one in the store, told me and my boyfriend the story, and provided lots of information and we loved it! When my fiance surprised me with the ring, it was every bit as stunning and eye-catching as I had hoped. The Diamelia is not only environment and humanitarian friendly but it is a gorgeous gem and it sits perfectly between the two other diamonds on ring, in fact, it steals the show -- just as a center jewel should! I can only say great things about the Diamelia. I got the Diamelia blazing arrows round cut 6.5mm E VVs gem and it is absolutely perfect. I definitely encourage anyone who is looking at diamonds and diamond alternatives to look at the Diamelia gems from Gold and Gems. Thank you so much to Ron and the team for making our experience stress free, fun, exciting, and enjoyable! Both my fiance and I are looking forward to working with you again and again.
Sierra C Adams

This informative review was written by Dr. Christine “J”. As a surgeon, she is extremely analytical and detail oriented. As a diamond aficionado, she possesses an unusually elevated knowledge of gemology, cutting angles, light return and jewel performance. She wanted to compare 2 options in the market, DIAMELIA / Amora Gem vs Diamond. We chose to feature her review due to her combined “credentials” of intelligent analysis and love for jewels.


I'm not sure if you wanted a review/opinion from us or not, but I'm going to assume you'd like feedback of your baby. If you don't want it, STOP reading now.
So here it goes...

And it absolutely appears more like a diamond than the Amora. The arrows differences were obvious & immediate & didn't take much expertise to notice. I base the non-expertise/knowledgeable opinion on Jon's comments & opinions. We put DIAMELIA, natural fine diamond, and Amora Gem all lined up in a row, there's no question - the DIAMELIA was visually very similar to the diamond.

One thing I noticed almost immediately, before even the arrows difference or anything table view related, was the light play along the perimeter. THAT caught my eye first, oddly enough. But I really like that! The play of light & general sparkle along the perimeter looks just like it does on my other bigger diamonds. The Amora most definitely was in very last place on that, by far -The light play appears to fade away the further away from the center the eye scans. In the DIAMELIA however, that play of lights sparkling is consistent over the entire top down view & as it's angled around. As I said, BRAVO!

The other obviously noticeable thing to me, was the general impression of the cuts. The Amora was reflecting light back through the table to look more 'sharded' if that means sense. Maybe more sharp in general? Or splintered? Not sure how to describe it. The diamonds and DIAMELIA however, was sharp AND diffuse in light return. I don't think I'm making sense with that, but that's what comes to mind. Sharp as in I could SEE the cuts & that mimicked the diamond extremely well. Diffuse as in the light returned wasn't light arrows into the back of my eye, but more like intense puffs of light to exaggerate it. Basically, light return hit my eyes like the diamond. Softer bright sparkle.

Lastly, disco ball effect. The Amora was actually pretty great about not being very disco bally in the colors I saw. There were certain lighting conditions that, next to a diamond, it was very obviously catching & throwing colors that the diamond wasn't. I had to REALLY look for that in the DIAMELIA & it wasn't nearly as POW noticeable as it was with the Amora. I like this because I obviously want my stone to look like my diamonds, not like an unrealistic ‘disco ball’.

I can't seem to find my loop at the moment so I haven't looked at it under magnification yet. I am curious about it, but considering the fact that I'll likely only ever loop look at them again to check for nicks or chips if I've been rough on them, I don't feel the need to do that before giving the nod to go ahead with these.

I'm SO excited & ready to get this done now! I can barely wait!!! Lol
I've been walking around with a bare ring finger & it's driving me nutty. Hahaha! I've been swapping between bare finger & my other wedding sets but they are higher profile, have to be worn as a set, & catch on EVERYTHING. No separate just band to wear right now.

When you get a chance & catch your breath, I look forward to a (hopefully) final rendering that we can move forward with DIAMELIA!
Thank you!

Additional message from buyer a few days later:

“…I pulled them both out & show them the 2 stones side by side in those prong clasp older things.

Under both ambient light & spotlighting from an LED HD flashlight, they both very quickly & emphatically agreed that they liked the "smaller" stone (8.5 DA) much better! My father kept rolling them back & forth in the holders & commented on how much more movement there was in the "smaller" one.
My mother did say that the "bigger" one (9 Amora) had almost too much more color flashing & looked a little fake compared to the smaller one! She told me to get one the size of the bigger one, but that sparkled like the smaller one! LOLOL
I also lined them up in a row between my fingers - 7.5 (original mined diamond e-ring stone), 8.5 (DA), 9 (Amora). Then I asked them to ignore size, but tell me what they thought. Apparently, my original engagement Diamond took 2nd place to the DA...

There were more ooo's & ahhh's, but that's the short of it.”
Thank you!

Dr. Christine J.

I was lucky enough to go see DIAMELIAs for myself this past weekend actually. My boyfriend and I drove from Pasadena California to Ashland Oregon just to see them in person and compare the new DIAMELIAs to Amora and diamond. I was planning to write a long post on the sims forum but I figure I can start posting the pictures I got here now.

First off, Ashland Oregon is an incredibly cute town and we had a blast walking through the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. If you've never been I would highly recommend visiting for all of the charms of the town and the cool outdoors stuff Oregon has to offer. We are definitely going back to see Crater Lake!

I have been in contact with Ron from Gold&Gems for about 6 months and was waiting patiently for an Amora during that time. Ron had designed a custom ring for us and completed the setting so we were just hanging out waiting for the right Amora. Ron contacted us about DIAMELIA last week because he wanted to make sure that we had a chance to consider it instead of Amora because of how long we had been waiting. Because I am a very skeptical person and I have felt weird about making a gem purchase online from the start, I called Ron and talked to him about this new option. He made it sound like a valid option but I insisted that I wanted to check them out in person. We arranged to travel to Ashland and Ron was incredibly generous enough to open up his shop so that we could have a private viewing of our completed setting and finally compare silicon carbide gems to diamond!

At Gold&Gems, we compared several DIAMELIA gems to diamond and a cushion Amora Ultra - (all around 2ct E, F color / VVS1 & VVS2 range). I don't remember the exact C's of the diamond but It was honestly garbage compared to the DIAMELIA and Amora. I have seen much nicer diamonds at lower carats but I didn't feel like seeing a D,IF diamond would have changed my opinion of the silicon carbide gems I saw that day. I found that the double-refractivity of the silicon carbide was a lot less noticeable that I had anticipated.

The biggest difference between the DIAMELIA and the Amora were the arrows. The arrows in the DIAMELIA are very subtle and very similar to a hearts and arrows diamond. The arrows in the Amora were much darker, thicker and much more conspicuous than in the diamond.

I also saw DIAMELIA gems in radiant, krupps, cushion and oval cuts. I really appreciated seeing the different cuts but my preference and excitement was mostly reserved for the rounds.

Ron was nice enough to let us take pictures of the gem but also through the Ideal-Scope. The pictures I've posted should speak for themselves, but I loved the silicon carbide and I found my preference to be for DIAMELIA over Amora. One of the things I really admire about the DIAMELIA brand is that my purchase helps support a family in Rwanda. Given all the hurt that the diamond mining has done, it is nice to know that some good can come from a clean gem industry.

After all was said and done we purchased the DIAMELIA and will be getting engaged in the coming months (boyfriend is going to try and 'surprise' me har har).

I did want to mention one thing about my experience that was just wonderful and that was Ron from Gold&Gems. Aside from a unique and beautifully crafted setting that I got to try on (squeak!); the customer service at Gold&Gems has been phenomenal. I have spoken to him collectively for over 3 hours on the phone over 6 months about our designs and re-designs, frustrations, etc. He opened his store for us on a Sunday - full stop - and spent 2 hours showing us the different DIAMELIAs, diamonds and Amora. The man at the helm of DIAMELIA is a gem of a person (pun intended) and I cannot recommend working with him enough.

I'd love to answer any questions you have about my experience and I will be posting more pictures when we get the ring!

PS: I may have issues with the pictures because I'm slowly but surely become computer illiterate ><
Catherine J. / Pasadena, CA

Catherine J.
Los Angeles