We are infinitely pleased to be able to help children and families in war torn Africa through Food For The Hungry; an amazing organization currently serving 27 countries. DIAMELIA's quest for a better planet begins in Nyagihanga, Rwanda where we sponsor a 7 year old, precious little boy named Evariste. Our support will be helping Evariste, his family and his community learn the needed skills to become a sustained community. Furthermore, DIAMELIA has partnered with a focused and specific need, vocational training.

Our hearts fill with joy when we are able to provide vocational training for Rwandan students in the area of mechanics, cosmetology, carpentry, metal work, tailoring, baking or computer skills. This training provides students with the practical skills that they can use to earn an income for their families and rise out of poverty.


After taking her secondary school exams, Veronique from Rwanda selected a career option: mechanics. Though it is not common for women to take technical courses such as mechanics, Veronique knew this was a skill she wanted to learn. Now, she knows how to fix motorcycles and can bring additional income to her family. She helps provide basic household needs and school requirements for her younger siblings.

Your DIAMELIA purchase will very much help our friends in Africa. If you'd like to help, you can also make direct donations to Food For The Hungry. Together we can make this world a better place.

Quote from Ron (DIAMELIA's owner) "Helping Evariste and his community fills my heart and gives me chills. Giving through FH has truly changed my life as well."

One small step in the right direction,
can make a BIG change!